Here is something I wrote in college – forty-some years ago – and recently translated.  It was my contribution to “Watching a movie – and discussing what we ‘got’ from it” . The war between Israel and Arabia. (Of course, this paper – as many of my papers – was “un-gradable”) …  I never was a scholar.

I was selected to read it at “Peace Essays and Poetry, United Nations Peace Week,” at the Ojai Art Center on September 17, 2016.


Why? 1969


One cries over ones – due to war – dead husband

One mourns ones children’s frightened war eyes

Who cries for mankind?

Who cries for its cruel and evil ways – for its guilt

If one human shows evil towards one human

We hate the first and protect the second

We take a position- we make a judgment

Humans protect humans

Against humans

Protection of one self against oneself

You are talking about a fraction of the entirety

As was it the whole

As if it had independence, as if it had importance, as if it had value  –   alone.

You demand that we take sides

You are mistaken

There is more

I cry over Mankind

Over you and over me

We are so terribly divided

So unbearably lonesome

Because the whole constantly divides itself – in front of our very eyes.


Zitta – originally written in 1969

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