I watch you
As you move around the house
I read the sorrow
Springing from every
Limb of yours
Your back is bent
Your shoulders stooped
Your palms empty and dry
Your walk
Slow and very heavy
Your eyes?
In despair
For trust
Turning down love
From fear
And hurt
Trying to understand
The heart
Forgetting the contradictions
The beauty
Not seeing
The fullness
Of life

I love you
But my love has no meaning to you
Not now
For you have decided
That my love is of no value
And as I send it to you
I see it hit you
Hit your invisible protection
Against me
Against my love
And it glances off
As water poured over a greasy surface
And it falls down
Around you
And you stand in a lake of love
And the love raises
Around your legs
Higher and higher
Till you – finally
Have to see it
Have to feel it

And life begins
Once more

Zitta – originally written 6/30 -1982

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